School food policy


Vegetarian Campus

Prairie School requires that any lunches and snacks eaten on Prairie School grounds be vegetarian. This guideline is in accordance with the strict vegetarian grounds policy of our landlord, the Theosophical Society in America. Eggs and dairy are acceptable. DO NOT PACK: Meat or fish products.

Waste-free Lunches and Snacks

In accordance with our environmental mission, Prairie School families and staff are highly encouraged to pack waste-free lunches and snacks and avoid single-use packaging whenever possible. Please provide a cloth napkin and reusable utensils to be taken home daily. Please provide a labeled and filled water bottle daily.

Healthy Lunch and Snack

All Prairie School families and staff are asked to save all treats and desserts for after school. We would like to encourage a healthy, low sugar lunch and snack during the school day. Sugary foods will be put back in a child’s lunch for consumption at home.

No Food Swapping

Due to various food allergies in the classrooms, absolutely no food swapping is allowed during school hours. The lunch monitors and classroom teachers will be responsible for adhering to this guideline.

Mess Kits

All Elementary students are required to have a mess kit at school. The mess kit should include : plate, bowl, cup, spoon, fork, scrub brush, cloth napkin, and an empty water bottle that stays at school. Please place these items in a small, breathable cloth or mesh bag.

If you have any questions regarding the food policy, email the office, or call 630-690-6000.