re-imagine education.





Prairie School of DuPage is a private elementary school in Wheaton, IL for families seeking a progressive, nature-based approach to education.






get your hands dirty.






Plant a garden, Film a movie, build a campfire, engineer a play structure.

Prairie School of DuPage students become independent, critical thinkers by tackling hands-on, real world challenges.





climb a tree.




Go Birding, Hike through the woods. tap a maple tree, investigate wildlife in a pond.

Each day our students are outside building their understanding of the natural world through guided class activities and free play on our natural playground.




find your voice.





express yourself in art and music. present your scientific research. read to a younger student. Lead a math congress. 

At Prairie School of DuPage we work to empower girls and boys to find their strengths, passions, and unique voice.