Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to educate and inspire the whole child, and to prepare each student for a life of discovery by cultivating a strong sense of self, compassion and respect for others, and a deep connection with the natural world.

Garden Education

Prairie School of DuPage. Re-Imagine Education.


we're re-imagining what school looks like

American schools were designed during the Industrial Revolution. One hundred and fifty years later, most schools have made minimal changes to how classrooms look or run. Using an open classroom model, Prairie School students benefit from a mixed-age environment. Students excel through individualized tracks, experiential learning, small group instruction and one-on-one conferencing with their teachers.

Our spaces are designed with students and educators in mind

The learning environments inspire creativity and engagement, and promote collaboration. They reflect natural beauty, bringing the outdoors inside and the classroom outside, and support health and wellness.

we're re-imagining what being a teacher looks like

Prairie School educators are keen observers, creative facilitators, and passionate collaborators. Instead of teaching to a test, our teachers develop a relationship with their students and create engaging learning environments and experiences. Prairie School educators inspire and challenge each student to be independent, creative and compassionate citizens of the world.