forest kindergarten

Ages 4-6

We could never have learned to love the earth so well if we had not a childhood in it.
— George Elliot

Half Day: 8:20am-12:20pM

The Forest Kindergarten is a magical place where your child’s imagination is nurtured and exploring the natural world is something students do every day.


Forest Kindergarten students spend unstructured time outdoors daily where they are free to climb, run, build and play. Some days our class can be found in the “galloping meadow” by the pond, while others take us to the “Three Little Pigs Piles “where we can explore piles of dried plants, gather sticks and twigs and pile up rocks. Rain and snow only add to our adventures…puddles are fully embraced, icy puddles have become skating rinks and of course, there is always mud. Glorious mud!

We incorporate literacy, number sense, and science into the natural play activities. Our nature-based model provides many opportunities for children to learn about the local environment and take advantage of “teachable moments”, like when a Great Horned owl decides to fly by or when exploring new colors unearthed in springtime.

We offer an inviting environment and developmentally appropriate program in which each child’s social, emotional, and cognitive growth is encouraged and valued. We encourage investigation and discovery. The learning that happens in the Primary classroom is a combination of child-initiated and teacher facilitated experiences. Our approach is hands-on and multi-sensory. 

We engage in rich conversations daily with each child. We build close relationships with our students, getting to know that child, and where they are socially, emotionally and academically, so that we can tailor our activities to promote new learning and discovery.