The Prairie School of DuPage is a good fit for families who want their children to be part of a community of learners who look forward to going to school, and get excited about asking questions and solving problems. Prairie School students are active participants in their own education, and take ownership and pride in their work.

Students at The Prairie School of DuPage spend a good deal of their day outside, in every kind of weather, exploring, discovering, observing, and working through real-life, hands-on projects.

We believe strongly in keeping a low teacher-to-student ratio. Having small class sizes allows for individualized learning, and a flexible, inquiry-based approach to content. It also creates space for social and ethical development to be nurtured.


Prairie School families are open minded, out-of-the-box thinkers

Prairie School parents are open to a non-traditional educational model, sometimes very different from how they were taught. Because we have an open classroom model, we don't have formal grade levels. This allows children to do individualized work in a mixed-age setting at a level and pace that is right for them.  We don't give grades at Prairie School. Rather, we give out Learner Summaries three times a year, and hold two teacher-parent conferences a year. We don't give standardized tests and we never compare one student's progress with another. Student's work at their own pace, and are assessed during their daily conferencing time with their teacher. The educational goals of the students are an individualized conversation between the teacher, parents and student. We use the National Core Standards as a guide when formulating these goals.


Prairie School families are investing in their children's future

Our families are those who recognize the value of this extraordinary education and consider it an investment in their children's future. They are looking for a holistic approach to education, and consider the fine arts, foreign language, and environmental education an integral part of their child's education. Most families didn't set out to send their children to a private school, but when faced with the decision of where their children would truly thrive, they chose Prairie School of DuPage.